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Origins of the Puma Pepsi

The Puma Pepsi range was created to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the company's most iconic creations, the Puma Suede. Originally released in 1968, the Suede was a crossover success thanks to its laid-back looks and luxe construction. Part of today's Puma Pepsi range, the Puma rs-0 Pepsi sneakers come with nostalgic colour-blocked graphics drawing on vintage Pepsi logos, and they're part of a wider collection of cool, chilled-out footwear and accessories.

The Puma Pepsi's All-Star Roster

As well as an updated version of the classic Suede, you'll find several must-have sneakers in the Puma Pepsi collection. If you like your trainers a little chunky and statement-worthy, there's the Puma RS-0 Pepsi sneakers. "RS" stands for the Running System technology, which delivers cushioning on the track and totally looks the business, too. With airy mesh inserts to aerate your feet, the Puma RS-0 Pepsi strikes the balance between fashion, performance and day-to-day comfort.

Blast from the past

The Puma RS-0 Pepsi shoes have an eye-catching retro vibe due to the bold use of the Pepsi script logo on areas like the tongue and lining — they are unlikely to go unnoticed in any setting. At the same time, their clean silhouettes and the mix of textures make the shoes sharp and modern — with their bouncy injection-moulded soles, they feel as light as they look.

Styling Tips

Fresh, effortless and perfect for the weekend, the Puma rs-0 Pepsi trainers, and other pieces from the bold Puma Pepsi range, work well as a splash of colour in an otherwise casual outfit — pair with things clothes like hoodies and jeans for guys and crop tops and capri leggings for girls. Or, add a track jacket, beanie and other layers to your outfit for an even more relaxed vibe with these sneakers.

Why Foot Locker?

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