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Puma Tsugi

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The Puma Tsugi: perfection in Japanese

The Puma Tsugi Japanese philosophy The German and Japanese mentalities have a significant overlap: their obsession with technical perfection. So, it is no coincidence that the Puma Tsugi is being launched using its Japanese design name: this shoe owes a debt of gratitude to the land of the rising sun for both its external and internal qualities. The Shinsei model with its fragile aesthetic reflects the classic wabi-sabi philosophy – an approach which can be translated as “with tasteful simplicity”. At the same time, like all the designs in the Tsugi series, the Shinsei is a miracle of innovation. It embodies the Kaizen principle – which translates as continuous change for the better. This archetypal principle of innovation was what drove the Japanese to make constant new technical discoveries and improvements in the period after the Second World War. It is not for nothing that Tsugi can be translated as “next”; one more step on the path to transformation. Shinsei, on the other hand, means “reborn”. The shoe is repeatedly reincarnated in a more sophisticated form on its path through existence. But now you’ve had enough philosophy. Just remember this: Puma’s Japanese-inspired designs belong to the most exceptional and popular running shoes ever!